Is It Difficult To Go Vegan? Why You Should Go Vegan

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meats
Plant-Based Meats

The Doubt of whether to go vegan or not has danced quite some time in the minds of many of our readers. For some the idea of switching to eating plant products and plant-based meats seems ‘doable’- doesn’t seem like a mountain too high to climb. For some others, the idea is frightening! No burgers, No pizza, No fried chicken! Seems like the fever dream that you might just want to wake out off.

There is no single answer to if going vegan will be difficult or easy. It is relative to one another. If you are someone who likes to toss a juicy steak on the grill every other day and have crispy fried bacon for breakfast, then the switch to plant-based food might be a little challenging.

But let us give you a push, and help you realize that it in fact is easier than you have it played in your minds! Read on…

It Is Not Difficult

Going vegan is nothing but ‘a choice’ that you make for the betterment, of not just yourself but also for those around you. There is often talk and worry on the minds of the reader and those who are at the edge of taking the leap of faith, but the difficult thing here is to decide- that is all. Remove all of the animal-sourced foods and replace the short-term ‘delicious factor’, with long-term plant-foods that are healthy- the choice is completely yours to make. Plant-based foods also needn’t have to taste bad or grass-like as many presume. Plant based foods can be made delicious and at par with animal products, all that is needed is a bit of creativity and effort on your part. Consider these to be investments on your end- an investment that will pay itself out when you start to grey.

When we reflect deeply into our connection with the world around us, and our environment, we come to the startling realization that we are never independent of its clutches. There is always a link in the foods that we consume, and the world surrounding us.

The human diet ecology is brimming with vitamins and minerals that are needed for a long, healthy and conducive life.

Re-Thinking The Way We Look At Proteins

One of the subjects of discussion when veganism is brought up is protein. How would we get our supply of daily proteins into the system? There is no denying that having a diet that is protein rich is needed, but these proteins can be obtained from the plant kingdom as well. How else do you suppose that some of the biggest animals such as horses, elephants and rhinoceroses, get their supply of meat? Plants are the source of all proteins.

The legumes family that consists of chickpeas, lentils and beans, the whole grains and many vegetables, are rich in proteins. Your body doesn’t distinguish between the sources of protein, but simply if protein reaches it or not.

Plant-Based Is Good, Plant-Based Is Better

Plants are high energy foods, and those who have adopted a vegan diet can agree with having greater endurance and quicker healing than those who continue to consume animal-products. Animal meat is not required in order for you to build bones or muscles.

Further, plants and plant-based foods are lower in the food chain, so the concentration of environmental pollutants will be much lower. Animals that are fed foods that are riddled with pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides are exposed to industrial pollution. These contaminants are often stored in the fat cells and tissues of animals. The concentration can go up 1000 times as they rise up the food chain, in an effect called Biomagnification. This is a phenomenon that affects animals, be it on land, air or sea.

Plants are environment friendly, and they can grow 17 times the nutritional value on a piece of land on which you grow veggies, compared to animal stock. The difference between rearing cattle for beef products and growing potatoes is around 100-folds.

What is of concern is that we are living in a time of extreme food-stress, which is only growing; there is a risk of food shortages and security at some corners of the world. There is a need to grow healthy food. There are people who belong to polar opposites on the spectrum of food availability- there are billions who are starving to death, while there are billions who are eating themselves to death!

Vegetables can be stored for a longer period of time as well- you can store rice, beans, and grains in a  dry and cool place for years. Cabbages and roots can hold their nutritional value for months on end, with proper refrigeration and storage. The same cannot be said of any meat product.

Turn your life and the environment around you with the help of veganism.