Which Are Some Of The Best Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants?

The term ‘pet-friendly’ here refers to plants that are safe for domestic pets. Several houseplants are potentially toxic to your cat or dog. If you have a pet at home, and you want an indoor plant, you would like it to be pet-friendly for obvious reasons. You could never tell when your animal plays with it and develops some form of issue. You cannot always keep an eye on the animal, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Here are some of the pet-friendly indoor plants, which you may purchase from a website such as PlantX too.

Boston Fern

Almost every fern requires indirect light, high humidity, and an evenly-moist form of soil. It is possibly not easy to identify a fern plant because it is available in several varieties. A fern cultivar known as Nephrolepis exaltata is a safe plant for pets. However, there are toxic products such as asparagus fern, a plant that does not belong to the fern family. Rather, it comes under the Liliaceae family, which means it is a misnomer.


An air plant like tillandsia is not only safe for pets, but it only requires less maintenance because it needs no soil for growing. Almost every air plant stays under 31 centimeters tall, plus it would thrive in bright and indirect light if you soak it fast in the water around once every week. It may be pet-friendly, but that does not mean that you can keep it at a place where your cat or dog can reach. Why? Because it has spindly leaves similar to grass that perhaps tempt your pet to munch on them.

Lipstick Plant

The plant gets its name from the fact that it has flowers that resemble lipstick tubes. Like the other peperomia varieties, it is a safe plant for a dog and cat. The plant can thrive under bright light, but you should keep it outdoors when the weather is warmer. It grows up to about 51 centimeters tall as well as requires soil in a consistently moist form. That means you would have to do much watering in the event of choosing this product.

Spider Plant

It is among the pet-friendly plants that can be grown more easily than the other products. It can grow best under bright and indirect lighting conditions, but it also has tolerance for low light. If you take proper care of it, the plant should reach up to around 31 centimeters in height.